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Zen Bound 2 apk

Zen bound 2 apk is chill-game wherever you'll comfortably wrap string ornaments. where in which the chain is touching the surface of the figure, then it splash some color. The goal is to hide the surface as possible with as little as possible the line, however Zen bound 2 app places no restrictions on the number of series offered draconian. once finished, simply rotate the chain of jewels to break a nail. The provided color, a lot of flowers than you earn and unlock these extra embellishments Zen bound 2 beautiful tree menu.

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Zen Bound 2 apk
Zen Bound 2 apk


UPDATED:July 18, 2012
Zen Bound 2 apk on Android Market

There are dozens and dozens of figures from the second Zen certain Some are the remains of the first game, however it's never looked so smart. My favorites are based on the structure of the tribute scene that's packed with ornaments within the most popular games , like control of aircraft or the bouncing hero of Doodle Jump apk. The backgrounds are mesmerizing if you'll take your eyes off the attractive figures appear spectacular, with almost photo realistic wood grain. like the first Zen Bound 2 apk, Zen bound is accompanied by a soundtrack .

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