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Puddle THD apk

Puddle THD apk may be a physics-based Tegra optimized 3-puzzle game during which the objective is to bring a pool of liquid at the end point by tilting the environment. you need your mind to help you overcome obstacles and solve puzzles way the method.

Each level in Puddle THD app isn't the only one with totally different colors and effects scenes. There seems to be one thing of a platformer wherever the goal is, at the end of each level by tilting to get your pond. Puddle THD apk is sure to attract attention. investigate some screenshots and gameplay video below:

Puddle THD apk Info

App Screenshot

Puddle THD apk

Puddle THD apk


UPDATED:August 7, 2012
Puddle THD apk on Android Market

Puddle THD apk has USB and wireless gamepad and levels of over 40. And 'the paid version of the Puddle THD app for $ 4.91, that is sort of expensive, therefore check the free version first. also note that the game developed exclusively to take advantage of the Nvidia Tegra 3 is that the value, therefore if you have a device with the other processor with Nvidia rather than the ARM chip, therefore it will not be ready to prove his goodness.

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