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Dead Space apk game was followed a man named Isaac Clarke on a journey to find out what happened to his girlfriend (1st game) and the spread of the Necromorph plague that was thought to have been eradicated in the first installment of the series, which… you learn very quickly wasn’t the case.

But the Android (and iOS) Dead Space app, although it carries the same name with no subtitle, isn’t based around Isaac. It’s based around a different character, simply known as “Vandal”, part of a team to investigate the happenings in “The Thrall” (base where the everything first took place.) after the events of the 1st Dead Space, but before Dead Space 2. The story is …actually pretty good for a mobile game. There is good voice acting, the dialog is enough to keep you at least interested in hearing whats going on. some parts, where to go for players. "Yes, this guy is, I do not trust jobs", but it progresses, it is your mission ... and surprise. you are bad now!. oh, this might be a bit 'spoiler, sorry. XD

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Dead Space apk

Dead Space apk


UPDATED: July 27, 2012
Dead Space apk on Android Market

In any case, Dead Space apk graphics are great. of course no graphical console , but it could very little polishing and re-structured to be sure. The music is great and very well together. It 'sa bit of strain on the back of the game and adds a sense of urgency if getting chased down by Necromorphs. The entire game is voice acted well, what makes Dead Space apk a great  audio / visual experience. It tells him to put the headphones at the beginning.

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>> Dead Space apk << (for Online Mode)
Password: newandroidmarketapk

>> Dead Space apk << (for Offline Mode)
Password: newandroidmarketapk

Offline Play:
*Install Online play APK and download data via Wifi
*Run the game online once.
*Install Offline only APK over online APK
*Turn of internet connection
*Run the game

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