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Roll A Joint apk

With Roll a joint apk, you'll truly roll their own joints within the phone. It takes your through the method of rolling and smoking the virtual pivot, that have simply been published and might update the roll blunts, that in fact additionally understand one, wrapped in a very totally different way.

First, choose marijuana you wish to smoke, you've got four differing kinds available: bitter Diesel, Master Kush, Headband, Trainwreck along with a short description of every selection. Then you must decide if you smoke or if you wish to restore the joint or blunt. Once done, if you've got a collection, you'll begin the process of breaking the bud, touching on NUG nice in tiny units on the screen. Then it makes its cocoon in the rolling paper and make sure it's tight, Then you’ll proceed to roll your joint rather like anyone would in real world. at that time you'll light your joint and smoke away by actually inhaling and exhaling into the phone. The blunt portion is very similar to rolling joint, except you’ll have to be compelled to split the blunt down the middle and empty out the shell by shaking out the tobacco.

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Roll A Joint apk

Roll A Joint apk


UPDATED: August 2, 2012
Roll A Joint apk on Android Market

In general, Roll A Joint app can be a new application for mobile phones and smoking a joint. At the time of this review, the Roll A Joint apk for android are going to be $ 1.99.

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