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WhatsApp Messenger apk Download

WhatsApp Messenger provides an alternate texting service that closely resembles normal SMS text messaging. The one and only limitation is the requirement that your friends also have the $1 WhatsApp Messenger installed on their phones. Messages can be sent over 3G or Wi-Fi and arrive on a user’s device quickly, due to the push notification system used by WhatsApp Messenger. other than that, what extremely helps WhatsApp Messenger shine is how well it integrates into a users device.

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UPDATED: May 8, 2012 
WhatsApp Messenger apk Download on Android Market


WhatsApp Messenger It automatically imports the contact list from no matter what phone it’s installed on, therefore there’s no need to go through and manually copy in contacts. It additionally uses the phone number for no matter device it’s installed on, therefore there’s no need to fumble around with log-in names and passwords. features options are nice, however what about actual performance?  WhatsApp Messenger  has an intuitive layout. There’s virtually no slowdown to talk of, and WhatsApp Messenger doesn’t appear to use more battery than the other app. The push notification system also works very well.Messages will be sent and received about as fast as SMS, in spite of whether they’re sent on Wi-Fi or a cellular network. If a user receives a message and his or her phone is off, it'll be received once they turn it on.

Download WhatsApp Messenger Apk

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Password: newandroidmarketapk

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