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Flick Golf Extreme Apk

Flick Golf Extreme is the most extreme game that is currently traded at Google Play market, so many features that are served by this digame plus display unusually good game. Our job is simple glance to be just flicked the ball into the hole but Full Fat make this golf game became extreme due plus a variety of effects such as a ball "on fire", a remarkable extreme places such as skyscrapers, offshore oil rigs, aircraft carriers and many other extreme where you can choose when to play Flick Golf extreme.

Flick Golf Extreme is the only fun that can occur in any open space!
with additional rotation control of brands, the best hole-in-One and courses around, this is the most exciting golf game's you have to try!

Flick Golf Extreme Apk Info

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UPDATED: May 8, 2012
Developer: Fullfat
Flick Golf Extreme Apk on Android Market

There are no rules in Flick Golf Extreme. Only films, spin and curve your shots and try to sink that is the perfect hole in one. But be careful, pay attention to the usual hazards, bunkers, trees, sand and of course the wind.

For gamers who need the guts, I would suggest to try Flick Golf Extreme,  because if you are venturing into the application store on Android Google's Play market get ready for a spend of $ 2.36.

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>>Flick Golf Extreme Android Apk<<
Password: newandroidmarketapk

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